Some of the Wildlife with Local Quickies

If you are a keen Wildlife lover and really love to spot creatures in their natural habitat then a Local Quickies excursion is for you. Although we do not see all animals on every tour here are a few snaps from December 2016 so you can see what is out and about here, and many more we will feature in upcoming blogs!

While taking a zip line tour Captain Quickie spotted a beautiful Boa while driving through the jungle road, and being a reptile expert he just couldn't help but bond with this marvelous animal before letting it go on its way. Our lucky guests were so enthralled! 

Also Sailor Patrick and Nephew of Captain Quickie attracted a beautiful Locus and gave him  a ride back to land!

You will see Iguanas of all shapes  and sizes in many places near the ocean and in the jungle here, they like to sunbathe on rocks and sand!

Floating down the Lazy River you never know if a Heron or Kingfisher will peacefully be fishing next to you.

A very rare find was a Tarantula in the Maya Village, he was just making his way from one side of the jungle across the path to the other. We think this is an aphonopelma anita hoffmanni but if you know we would love to hear!

So these are a few, but not at all limited to the things you can safely see in their natural environment here! Next blog we go underwater!