What You Need to Know About the Temporary Akumal Bay Closure for Turtle Protection

Here at Local Quickies, we’ve always placed caring for the environment ahead of profits. Our smaller group sizes, lower tour volume, and strict guest-to-guide ratios were part of our business model even prior to government regulation. We have tried to lead by example, providing top quality experiences for our guests while preserving the natural beauty of our surroundings, in hopes of inspiring other tour operators to do the same. When this failed, we lobbied for the federal government to enact limitations and declare Akumal Bay a natural protected area.

We were successful, and the area was officially declared protected on March 7th of 2016. Many of the self-imposed limits we had placed on ourselves became obligatory for all companies operating in the area. We were privileged enough to be among 20 select tour operators that were legally licensed to take groups out to enjoy the amazing experiences available in Akumal Bay. Unfortunately, self-regulation was not widely practiced by other operators, and lax enforcement was more than prevalent. As of February 15th, this year, the federal government took an extreme measure and suspended all activities in the bay until further notice.

How Your Tour Will be Affected

Our team at Local Quickies is quite happy to see that the measures to protect the environment and sea turtles are finally serious. Although this will affect our business in the short run, we are quite confident that the long-term benefits for the area and our tours will be positive. Due to the closing of the bay, at the moment we can offer some imperfect substitutes such as the lagoon snorkel (brackish water environment) on our Signature tour. We also offer multiple cenote excursions, or our zip-line park with canoeing, cenote, and Mayan village walk, in lieu of the sea turtles.

We are confident that an equitable solution is in the process of being worked out, which will put the right mechanisms in place to provide for the wellbeing of the marine life in Akumal Bay, while allowing for sustainable ecotourism to continue. If you feel that the variations we have offered do not meet your expectations, a full refund will be offered prior to the excursion if requested. This refund may not be claimed after your excursion.

This is a situation that is completely out of our control, but which we are completely supportive of. We must care for the environment that has given us so much, and will do our best to keep offering fantastic experiences for our guests. Any and all updates will be communicated immediately on our website.